Raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand Alex and Lisa share a love of adventure, people and culture so it’s not surprising their journey has taken them around the world.

After serving for more than twenty years around the world they returned to their home country with their two children Monqtuya and Zachary, to help their own community in South Auckland.

Still just as passionate as ever about helping people, they pastor and work with vulnerable families who suffer from poverty, abuse, domestic violence and addictions. Through a non profit community organisation Te Whakaora Tangata ( meaning ‘Life Restoration for the People’, they minister to high risk families through counselling and crisis intervention addressing deep rooted issues of trauma that causes family dysfunction.

Their programmes help community members to deal with issues such as depression, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicide, sexual abuse and family breakdown by dealing with the deep spiritual roots of brokenness not just the feelings and behaviours that are the result. As Alex says “There are no easy fixes, microwave solutions or silver bullets and it’s damn hard to come face to face with your brokenness but when you do and you can finally leave the past behind and know true healing – it’s the best feeling in the world.”

When they have that moment of free time, Alex loves riding his Triump motorcycle with his bros. Lisa loves lattes with friends, and both enjoy long walks along the beach.