Life’s a journey and this book comes out of the extraordinary journey the Lord has taken us on. Someone once descried it as ‘Indiana Jones meets Mother Teresa’. It’s a journey that’s lasted more then thirty years and covered more than sixty-five countries.


It’s a journey that’s allowed us to see and experience the heights the human heart can rise to in expressing real ‘rubber bits the road’ love, self-sacrifice and character; and the depths it can plunge into hatred, selfishness and depravity



Have you ever been told, “You’ll just have to trust God?”

Numerous times Alex and Lisa heard those same words, “You’ll just have to trust God.” But the same people said those words to them, never told you how to trust or how to have faith. What happens when the dark times of waiting twelve years and still not being able to have a child, or when the doctor explains it looks like cancer; or when the plane is about to crash; or rebel guerrillas are about to execute you? ‘Words’ can come so easily from peoples’ mouths and yet often they don’t gie the practical help we need to grow from hope into faith.

This is an eye-opening true account of a faith-led excursion into the unknown, that will inspire you to go where God is calling you, to entrust completely in the Almighty, and have a testimony of walking into the impossible until it becomes possible.

The postitive outworking of faith in the Rock of Ages, our Father and Creator, is displayed in this books in ways you would not imagine. Be prepared to be abosorbed, encouraged and humbled by this account of the purposes and character of the mighty God, whom the authors have served for over 30 years as they take you on a journey of faith from war zones to beautiful countries. It reveals in a gritty, real and honest way what walking with God comes with the ups and downs, mountains and valleys as they seek to believe… Faith, an adventure to be explored.


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